True Love Waits (Post 3 of 3)

In Love, marriage, self worth, wedding by Abby Ludvigson Schumacher

At the young age of twelve, I attended a True Love Waits Conference and pledged to remain sexually pure until my wedding night.  23 years later, on August 16th, 2015, I handed that pledge to my husband on our wedding night!

While waiting 23 years to meet Greg, I wondered if God would ever bring me a godly man to love and eventually marry. Again and again my parents (and other key people in my life) encouraged me to choose hope and continue living my life to the fullest, rather than letting my singleness keep me from doing great things for God.

With such a unique testimony and passion for purity, I’ve been speaking for over fifteen years at youth groups, public and private schools, universities and parenting events. My mission is to help young people (and their parents) know what God says about sex, why He says it and practical strategies they can use to live it out.

What helped me wait to be sexually active until my wedding night? Was it a stellar sense of self worth?  Maybe self-control made out of steel?  No, neither of those.  Sure, some might blame it on the fact that I am a firstborn – you know…the responsible, rule following type.  But it goes much deeper than that. What led me to make different choices was primarily one thing, godly adult influence – people that were Jesus with skin on.

The first place I met Jesus was in the home – through my parents.  My parents have been married over 40 years and modeled a healthy marriage to my brothers and me.  Not only did they model love through their marriage, they also loved me well.  They listened to me, believed in me, encouraged me…  they even allowed me to have a paper route at 10 years old!  I had a safe and secure family to lean on – and that made all the difference in the world.

In addition to my parents’ influence, God brought quality mentors into my life.  Their words of wisdom and guidance strengthened my decision to wait for marriage and stand out from the crowd. My solid beginning with godly adult influences as my anchor during the challenging years of living sexually pure until my wedding night.

As I look back on my 23 years of singleness, I can whole-heartedly say Greg was worth waiting for. May my life be an example that purity is God’s plan and therefore possible – even in this sex-saturated culture!