The world is not embarrassed or shy when it comes to talking about sex, have you noticed that?! They would like your teen to believe that freedom means following their feelings and getting what they want, when they want it. God says freedom comes when we live according to the way He designed us. And when it comes to sex, we were designed to share it with our spouse only. Below are resources to help your teen understand God’s main purposes for sex and exactly why He designed it for marriage.

Recommended Reading


Before the Talk:  Dealing With Our Past 
by MLinda Klepacki, RN, MPH – Focus on the Family

You put her to bed as your precious baby; she awoke as a nearly fully developed adolescent, full of questions — questions you sense her stifling in deference to your obvious discomfort. Time flies when you’re avoiding “the talk.”

Three Lies About Premarital Sex
by Shana Schutte – Focus on the Family

When Cindy met Rob, she knew that even though he attended church, he didn’t share her convictions about premarital sex. Rob thought it was OK—and even good for dating couples to engage in—and Cindy believed it was wrong from a Christian perspective. 

The ``Truth vs. Lie`` Quiz


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