Dating is not an easy topic to tackle. There are many different views on when, how and why to date and so naturally dating will look differently to each family. It’s critical that you discuss at great lengths with your teen the healthiest age for them to begin dating and why. Below are resources to help your family create a personalized dating plan.

Recommended Reading


Creating a Dating Contract With Your Teen
by Michael & Greg Smalley

It would probably be an understatement to say that dating is an important part of a teenager’s life. In one study, researchers found that high school students consistently rated the time spent alone with an opposite-sex partner as the time when they were happiest and most satisfied with life…

Don’t Take It From Me
by Kathy Keller – The Gospel Coalition

Over the course of our ministry, the most common pastoral issue that Tim and I have confronted is probably marriages—either actual or proposed—between Christians and non-Christians. 

When is Your Teen Ready to Date
by Greg Smalley (Christianity Today)

As the father of two daughters, the concept of “dating” gives me the chills. Questions like “At what age should they start dating?” and “How will we know when they’re ready?” race through my mind. 

Why You Shouldn’t Marry An Unbeliever
by Christian Assemblies International

Is it really necessary for a Christian to marry another Christian? What if you are “just dating”? This article raises some very important points for people to consider before they make the big leap into marriage. 

The Godly Girl’s Guide to Guys
by Katie McCoy – Girls Gone Wise

“Every girl has to kiss a few frogs before she meets her prince, right?” With as many opinions on dating as there are variations on ice cream, we probably all need to have a DTR (Define the Relationship) on the topic. 


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