God invented sex and as an ambassador of Christ, Abby sees it as her job to present the purity message in a manner that brings Him honor.  Unfortunately, many teens leave purity presentations hearing one message loud and clear: “Sex is bad – don’t do it!”

The approach Abby takes is radically different.

When she speaks it is her desire to help build conviction in the teens (and their parents!) by teaching what God says, why He says it and how to realistically live out a pure lifestyle. Sexual purity is not about saying “no” to sex but about saying “yes” to God’s design for sex… sex in marriage!

How does Abby tackle an awkward topic like sex and get teens to engage?  She is:

Personal – before the presentation(s), she sets up trust fast with teens by mingling with them and quickly learning their names.  Abby wholeheartedly believes in the cheesy yet true saying, “People want to know that you care before they care what you know.”  This is especially true of teenagers!

Prepared – Abby knows how teens think and what they need to fully engage. She is tech savvy, interactive and develops rich content.  She expects a lot from them – and they (almost!) always rise to the occasion.

Passionate  Teens know Abby believes in what she is teaching because she lives it!  Her passion for purity is combined with compassion – a God-given ability to hold fast to absolute truth yet do it in a way that meets teens where they’re at.  Whether they are from the city or the suburbs, a guy or a girl, rich or poor, virgin or non-virgin, a Christian or a non-Christian – it doesn’t matter.  God’s grace helps Abby cross any boundary with His truth.


Below is a general list of presentations Abby gives. The length of each presentation can be tailored to your community’s needs.

Please contact Abby for more detailed information on each presentation.

Youth Events

  • God & Sex
  • Pornography: Its Deception & Steps to Get Out or Stay Out 
  • Dating Differently
  • Becoming a “Holy Hunk” (for guys only)
  • Becoming a “Heavenly Hottie” (for girls only)

Adult Events

  • Protecting Kids from Pornography’s Grip:  Ways to Help Them Get Out or Stay Out
  • Courageous Parenting:  Developing in Kids a Biblical Worldview on Sexuality that Glorifies God

Day Events

  • God, Sex, and the Teenage Girl (for girls 14-18 years old)
  • Bloom:  Becoming Rooted & Established in Truth (for girls 10-13 years old and their moms)

Previous Venues

Church Youth Groups  Parenting Conferences  Retreats
College Chapel Services  Summer Camps Public School Health Classes
Adult Sunday School Classes • Mom Day Groups (mothers of pre-schoolers through high schoolers)

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