My Two Heart Desires (Post 1 of 3)

In Holy Hunk, Love by Abby Ludvigson Schumacher

There are two desires God planted within my heart back when I was a teenager – to become a wife/mother and a public speaker. There were times throughout my twenties when I didn’t know if any would come true. Then in 2011, God led me into full-time ministry to speak publicly on purity and eventually publish a film series entitled Sex by Design! I remain grateful and blessed beyond measure to have the ministry I have – it was tailor made just for me.

As much as I was thriving in ministry, my heart continued to ache for a husband and children. At low points, I found myself wondering, ‘Will God grant BOTH of my heart desires?’ When I shared this with a friend, I was knocked off my feet by her wisdom. She said, “Abby, God plans to give you BOTH your desires. To make that possible he must give them to you in a specific order.”  So true! I wouldn’t have had the capacity to start a new ministry and produce a film series while also juggling the responsibilities as a wife and mother.

Now five years into my speaking ministry, my second heart desire has begun to unfold. Yes, that’s right! God brought my “holy hunk” along and we were married August 16, 2015. How did I meet this godly man? Stay tuned…