My “Holy Hunk” (Post 2 of 3)

In Holy Hunk, Love by Abby Ludvigson Schumacher

I always wanted an amazing love story to tell some day – one where God’s hand was evident in our meeting and His matchmaking skills were put to good use. Well, God graciously honored my request and today I have that amazing story to tell when someone asks, “So, how did you two meet?” I’m glad you asked…

I was speaking at an event in La Crosse, Wisconsin in November 2014. My event poster was canvased across the entire area and Greg saw it posted at his church. (He thought, “She’s really pretty but probably not single.”) Two days later while working in his shop, he heard me featured on the radio. During the interview I shared that I was 34 and single. (I was using the air time to my advantage!) It was at that moment he decided to attend the event so he could introduce himself. (Now that’s pursuit!)

God beat him to the punch though. During the first couple minutes of my presentation, I noticed Greg in the audience (what a hunk!) and could hardly concentrate. It was as if a spotlight fell on him and no one else was in the room. I can honestly say I’ve never had that happen before! (I thought, “He’s probably married to a fabulous woman and she’s at home with their three kids. Focus, Abby. Focus!”) I was pleasantly surprised when Greg courageously made his way to the front of the church afterwards to personally meet me. It became quickly evident that he wasn’t married with three kids. Shortly thereafter, we started dating and within little time at all, I realized he wasn’t just a hunk, but a holy hunk! Six months later we were engaged and ten weeks after that we were married. Greg is now married to a fabulous woman (that’s me!) and they hope to have three kids of their own some day.

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