Bringing God’s design for sex to youth and families.
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Learn about Abby Ludvigson and her passion for purity!

The average age of first exposure to pornography is between 8-9 years old.

Host a purity program and bring hope to youth and families in your community.

Abby’s Sex by Design film series is fully endorsed by Josh McDowell!

Abby has spoken to over 8000 individuals in 50 cities.
Here are 3 things that make her a unique speaker.

The message of purity is presented with a balance of grace and truth – leaving youth inspired and hopeful yet grounded in Biblical truth.

Abby believes parents are the key to “turning the tide” of our sexualized youth culture. Her main objective is to equip and empower parents, not replace them!

At the age of twelve, Abby attended a True Love Waits event and pledged to save sex for marriage.  She remained committed to that pledge until her wedding night!